Full text: Volume (Bd. 5 (1859))

Neberflcht der neuesten juristischen Literatur.


Englische Literatur.
Archb o I d. The Law relative to Notices and Grounds of Appeal against
Rates, and the Law relative to Notices of Appeal and Grounds ofRe-
moval in Cases of Orders of Removal; with Forms in all Cases which
occur in Pratice. 2. edit. By John Frederik Archbold, Esq. 12. pp.
222 cloth. 10 s.
Brandt. A Treatise on the Law, Pratice, and Procedure of Divorce and
Matrimonial Causes under the Act 20 d* 21 Vict. c. 85: containing the
Act, also the Rules, Orders, and Forms issued thereunder; together
with Precedents. By William Brandt, of the Inner TempJe, Esq., Bar-
rister-at-Law. 12. pp. 250, boards 7 s. 6 d.
Brougham’s (Lord) Acts and Bills, from 1811 to the Present Time; now
first collected and arranged; witli an Analytical Review, showing their
Results upon the Amendment of the Law, By Sir John E. Eardley-
Wilmot. Royal 8. pp. 950, cloth. 21 s.
Browne. Lives of the Prime Ministers of England, from the Restoration
to the Present Time. By .1. II. Browne. Voll, 8. pp. 480. cloth. 14 s.
Currency (the) under the Aet of 1844; together with Observations on
Joint-Stoek Banks, and the Causes and Results of Cornmercial Con-
vulsions. From the City Artieles of the „Times". 8. pp, 162, cloth. 6 s.
Dwyer. A Compendium of the Laws and Regolations relating to the Mi-
litia of Great Britain and Iieland. By Edward Dwyer, B. A,, Barrister-
at-Law. 12, pp. 154, cloth lettered 5 s. 6 d.
Horsey. The Probate and Administration Aet, 1857; with the Rules and
Orders of the Court of Probate: with Instructions to the Principal and
Distriet Registrars; and a Surnmary of the Law of Exeeufors and Ad-
ministrators, in reference to Probates and Administrations. By George
Horsey. 2 edit. 12. pp. 300. cloth . 10 s.
Jebh. The Act to Amend the Law relating to Probates and Leiters of
Administration in England. With an Introduetion, Notes, de. by Ri-
chard Jehh, 12. cloth. 7 s.
Johnson. The Patentee’s Manual: being a Treatise on the Law and Prac-
tice of Leiters Patent, especially intended for the use of Patentees and
Inventors. By James Johnson, Esq., and I. Henry Johnson. 2. edit.
revised and greatly enlarged, 8 pp. 328, cloth. 7 s. 6 d.
Lodge. The Pecrage of the British Empire, as at present existing; arranged
and printed from the Personal Communications of the Nobility: to
which is added the Baronetage. By Edmund Lodge. 27. edit. royal 8.
pp. 730, cloth. 31 s. 6 d.
Macqueen. A Practical Treatise on Divorce and Matrimonial Jurisdiction
under the Aet of 1857; and New Orders. By John Fraser Macqueen.
Royal 8. pp. 200, cloth. 10 s. 6 d.
Morton. The Resources of Estnfes; being n Treatise on the Agricultural
Improvement and General Management of Land cd Property. By John
Lockhart Morton. Illustrated with 13 Plates, 8. pp. 641 31 s. 6 d.
P a r I i a m e n ta r y Reform : how the Representation may he amended safely,
gradually, and efOciently. 8. sewed, 4 d.
Po 11 ock and Nicol. The Pratice of the County Courts in respect of
Probate and Administration; also an Appendix, eontaining the Statute
20 and 21 Victoria, Cap. 77. Rules of Pratice, and Forms. By Charles
Edward Pollock and Henry Nicol. Crown 8. pp. 60, sewed. 3 g.
Redfield. A Practical Treatise upon the Law of Railways. By Isaac F.
Redheld, LL.D. Royal 8. pp. 824, cloth (Boston, U. 8.) 30 s.
Roscoe’s Digest of the Law of Evidence on the Trial of Actions at Nisi
Prius. 9. edit. revised and enlarged. By Edward Smirke and Samuel
Prentice. Post 8. pp. 1140, cloth 30 s.

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