Full text: Volume (Bd. 4 (1857))

Uebersicht der neuesten juristischen Literatur.


Conquest tili the Death of Lord Tenterden. By John Lord Campbell,
LL D. F. R. 8. E. In 3 vols. Vol. 3, 8. pp. 428, cloth 12 s.
Chitty (E.), Commercial and General Lawyer, 11. edit.by Western, 8.24 s.
— — (T.), Forms, etc. in Court of Queen’s Bench, 7. ed. crown 8. 30 s.
— — 6c Temple (L.), Practical Treatise on Law of Carriers of Goods,
8. 18 s.
Cook, (E. R.), Act to Amend Laws relating to Construction of Buildings,
12. 3 s.
Cooke, (G. W.) Acts for the Inclosure of Commons in England 6c Wales,
3. ed. 12. 15 s.
Cox, (E. W.), Joint-Stock Companies’ Law and Practice, 2. edit. 12.
7 s. 6 d.
Cripps, a Practical Treatise on the Law relating to the Church and
Clergy. By Henry Cripps, M.A. 3. edit. revised and enlarged, 8.
pp. 840, cloth 28 s.
D an i el 1, (E* K.) Practice of the High Court of Chancery, 3. ed. 2 vols.
8. 26 s.
Dart (J. H.J, Compendium of Law of Vendors and Purch. of Real Estate,
3. edit. 8. 26 s.
Davies (G.), Treatise on Annuities, 8. 26 s.
Davis, the New Practice of the County Courts in Actions and other Pro-
ceeding, with the Statute 19 and 20 Vict. cap. 108, and the Rules
the reo n: heilig a Supplement to the 2. Edition of the Manual of the
Practice and Evidenee in the County Courts. By James Edward Davis.
Post 8. pp. 400, cloth ' 12 s.
Davis, a Manual of the Practice and Evidenee in Action and other Pro-
ceedings in the County Courts ; with the Statutes and Rules. By John
Edward Davis. 2. ed. with Supplement, 12. pp. 400, cloth 24 s.

Dax (R. G.), Book of Costs in the Courts of Queen’s Bench etc., p. 8. 15s.
Dod, Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage of Great Britain for 1856, 12.
10 s. 6 d.
-The Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage of Great Britain and Ire-
land, for 1857; including all the Titled Classes. By Robert P. Dod.
Seventeenth Year. 12. pp. 725, cloth gilt 10 s. 6 d.
-The Parliamentary Companion, 25. year. 2. edit. New Parliament.
By Robert P. Dod. 32. pp. 317, cloth gilt 4 s. 6 d.
Drewry (C. S.), Equity Practice, 1856, 8. 15 s.
Duncan (J. M.), Digest of Entail Cases, Scotland, 8. 9 s.
Europe, the State Poliey of Modern Europe, from the Beginning of the
16. Century to the Present Time. 2 vols. 8. pp. 743, cloth 21 s.
Fisher (W. R), Law of Mortgage, 8. 25 s.
Grant (B.), Treatise on the Law relating to Bankers, post 8. 18 s.
Harris, the True Theory of Representation in a State; or, the Leading
Interests of the Nation, not the mere Predominance of Numbers, pro-
ved to be its Proper Basis. By Gge. Harris. 8 v. pp. 111 cloth 3 s. 6 d.
Har r is on (S. B.), Analytical Digest from 1843 to 1855, 2 vols. rl. 8.
3 L. 13 s. 6 d.
Hayward (A.), Juridical Tracts, post 8. 3 s. 6 d.
Humphrey (E. H ), Manual of Civil Law for the Use of Schools, 2. edit.
lep. 3 i. 6 d.
Law, of Real Property, Notes on, fcp. 2 s.
Chancery Court of Appeal—De Gex, Macnaghten, and Gordon, Vol. 5,
Part 2, 15 s., Part 3, 12 s. 6 d., Part 4, 16 s.: VoL6, Part 1, 13 s.,

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