Full text: Silvela de la Vielleuze, Luis: Tesis: Bentham: sus trabajos sobre asuntos españoles: expositor de su sistema en España

nerous affections does not mismatch with the idea thou hast 
formed to thyself of the intellectual part. With the parcel in 
question, if not with this letter, thou mayest perhaps receive 
some public proofs of this. Thou will learn with pleasure, that 
the marks of approbation in which on a remarkable occasion and 
without a dissenting voice, our House of Commons, notwithstan- 
ding the contrariety of my principles to the interests of almost 
all the Members of all parties concerned have never met with 
contradictions any where else; from which contrariety thou wilt 
at the same time learn without surprize, that my own country is 
perhaps that in which those principles have the least chance of 
being in my life time to any considerable extent applied to use. 
Your continued correspondence with individuals time is alto- 
gether wanting to me. It would however be matter of unfeigned 
delight to me once to hear from thee, and to learn that in respect 
of personal comfort, thy state equals or exceeds mine. Thou 
wouldst oblige me by giving me some particulars relative to 
thyself and by affording me a conception of the combination of 
incidents which obtained for me the good fortune of numbering 
thee among my disciples. 
My own hand is a scarcely legible strawl. But, for thy satis- 
faction, it will serve me for the writing of my name.—Jeremy 
Thy language-let it be French, Latin or even Spanish whiche- 
ver is most agreeable to thee. But if in Spanish, the hand should 
be of the English type such as this, or the French; and not such 
as I have seen in some letters from Spaniards, Agustin Argüelles 
for example. For in that case an interpreter should be necessary 
to me. 
P. S. From Salamanca such a book as thine! From Coimbra 
marks of liberalism altogether corresponden! In the University 
of Coimbra was Dumonts's edition of my works almost as soon 
as edited, an object of attention to the Carvalhos the Borges, Fer- 
reira and the Rochas! What Salamanca and Coimbra were before 
that time, Oxford and Cambridge are still. Oxford in which the 
whole force of that wretched substitute for a mind which has 
been in possession of the rulers has been engrossed (what I say 
Max-Planck-Institut für 
Real Academia de Ciencias Morales y Politicas 
europäische Rechtsgeschic

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