Full text: Pergaeus, Apollonius: The two books of Apollonius Pergaeus, concerning tangencies, as they have been restored by Franciscus Vieta and Marinus Ghetaldus

parable Mathematicians of our own Country, Dr. Halley
and Dr. Simſon, to whom the World is very much obliged
for their Geometrical Labours. The firſt of theſe, from an
Arabic MS in the Bodleian Library, has reſtored the Books
De Sectione Rationis ; and from his own Sagacity ſup-
plied thoſe De Sectione Spatii : and the other has with
equal pains and ingenuity completed thoſe De Loc [?] is Planis .

As to the Treatiſe De Tactionibus , which I now give
the Engliſh Reader, it has been reſtored by Vieta under the
Title of Apollonius Gallus, and his Deficiencies ſupplied by
Marinus Ghetaldus. I have endeavoured to do Juſtice to my
Authors by all poſſible Care both in the Text and in the
Figures; and have added a few Propoſitions of my own, by
way of Supplement, in which I have propoſed Ghetaldus’s
Problems over again without a Determination, and have
found the Locus of the center of the circle required, which
I have not ſeen done before in any Author.


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