Full text: Pergaeus, Apollonius: The two books of Apollonius Pergaeus, concerning tangencies, as they have been restored by Franciscus Vieta and Marinus Ghetaldus

148. S. s. Line from V making an angle with S=A.

Diarian Repoſitory, qu. 197.

149. S. m. n, theſe being ſegments of B by l from V making a given angle with S.

T. and Country Mag. 1769, pag 662.

150. One angle at the baſe. The ſi le adjacent. The ratio of the other ſide to a line
drawn from V to an unknown point in B, and the length of a line drawn from
the ſaid point parallel to the given ſide to terminate in the unknown ſide.

Hutton’s Miſc. qu. 23.

151. A - a. R. Line from centre of ins. circle to middle of B.

Gent. Diary, 1771 - 2, qu. 349.

152. Three lines from the angles biſecting the oppoſite ſides.

Mathematician, pr. 48. - Simp. Sel. Ex. pr. 22. \\ - Palladium, 1752. qu. 43.

153. Sxs: mxn, ſegts by L. m - n. Angle made by L & I biſecting the baſe.

Brit. Oracle, qu. 93.

154. The baſe of an iſoceles triangle, and the diſtance of the vertical angle from
the foot of a perpendicular from one of the equal angles upon the oppoſite ſide.

Brit. Oracle, qu. 8.

155. P - n. m of an iſoceles triangle, m and n being ſegts. by a perpendicular from
one of the angles at the baſe on one of the equal ſides.

Court Mag. Sep. 1761.

156. V. Line biſecting A or a. Neareſt diſtance from V to periphery of ins. ☉(sun).

*Gent. Diary, qu. 129.

157. V. The ſegments of S made by a line drawn from A to make a given angle
with B.

*Mis. Cur. Math. Vol. I. qu. 79.

158. V. B. Line from A or a to the centre of inſcribed circle.

Mis. Sci. Cur. qu. 53.

159. B. L. Line from extremity of L parallel to S or s.

Math. Mag. No. III. prob. 7.

160. V. The ſegments of B made by a line dividing V into given angles.

Mis. Cur. Math. Vol. II. qu. 48.

161. V. One ſide. Ratio of the ſegments of the baſe made by a line dividing V
into given angles.

Palladium, 1756, pa: 43.


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