Full text: Weidler, Johann Friedrich: Jo. Friderici Weidleri Tractatus de machinis hydraulicis toto terrarum orbe maximis Marlyensi et Londinensi et aliis rarioribus similibus in quo mensurae prope ipsas machinas notatae describuntur, et de viribus earum luculenter disseritur

CAPVT IV. jecting-Cock remains ſhut, after the Pin in the Beam
Q, (in riſing) leaves the End 1, of that Leaver, by
which it was before ſhut, as deſcribed under the Let-
ter H, at the ſame Time alſo the Steam having free
acceſſ from the Boiler into the Cylinder, by its force
againſt the bottom of the Piſton countervails the Preſ-
ſure of the Atmoſphere, and permits it to riſe with b,
the inner End of the great Leaver, with alſo riſes the
hanging Beam Q, and by the Pin firſt mentioned ſhuts
the Regulator. when the Steam being confined and
the Injecting-Cock ſhut, the Engine remains in this
Poſture until the Steam becomes ſtrong enough
by its Preſſure on the Water in the Boiler to raiſe the
Buoy in the Pipe Hand a new ſtroke by condenſation
is begun; but if the Steam be ſtrong enough, as it moſt
uſually happens, then, as ſoon as the Piſton is come
to its proper height, a new Strocke is immediately be-
gun, and the Engine almoſt in continual Motion, ma-
king from 12 to 16, and ſometimes 20 Strockes, in a
minute, whilſt b 2 the outer End of the great Leaver,
works a Pump of 8, 9 or 12 Inches diameter, and giues
a Strock of 7 foot or more in Length.

R. A Ballance, one End of which turns upen a Pin,
and the other faſtend to the higher End of the Ince-
ptor 7, to the lower End of which is faſtened the
Ballance 11, that hath the N@@’ch 2 under it; theſe riſe
and fall all together, by means of the Buoy in H, and
ſerve to open the Injecting-Cock N, as deſcribed un-
der the letter H; and alſo to keep the ſaid Cock ſ hut,
when the Pin in the Beam Q on its riſing leaves
the End 1 of the Leaver oo, as deſeribed under the
Letter Q.


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