Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum


Century III.

ALL Sounds (whatſoever) move round, that is to ſay, On
allſides, Upwards, Downwards, Forewards, and Back-
wards: This appeareth in all Inſtances.


in Conſort,
touching the
Motions of
Sounds, in
what Lines
they are Cir-
cular, Oblick,
Straight, Vp-
wards, Down-
wards, For-
wards, Back-

Sounds do not require to be conveighed to the Senſe
in a right Line, as Viſibles do, but may be arched, though
it be true they move ſtrongeſt in a right Line; which
neverthelels is not cauſed by the rightneſs of the Line,
but by the ſhortneſs of the diſtance. Linearectea brevißi-
ma. And therefore, we ſee if a Wallbe between, and you ſpeak on the one
ſide, vou hear it on the other; which is not b@cauſe the ſound paſſeth thorow
the Wall, but arched over the Wall.


If the Sound be ſtopped and repercuſſed, it cometh about on the other
ſide, in an oblick Line: So, if in a Coach, one ſide of the Boot be down, and
the other up, and a Begger beg on the cloſe ſide, you would think that he
were on the open ſide. So like wiſe, if a Bell or Clock, be (for example)
on the North-ſide of a Chamber, and the Window of that Chamber be
upon the South; he that is in the Chamber, will think the ſound came from
the South.



Sounds, though they ſpred round, ſo that (there is an orb, or ſpherical
Area of the Sound) yet they move ſtrongeſt, and go furtheſt in the Fore-
Lines, from the firſt Local Impulſion of the Air. And therefore in Preach-
ing, you ſhall hear the Preachers voice better before the Pulpit than be-
hinde it, or on the ſides, though it ſtand open. So a Harqucbuz or Ordnance
will be further heard forwards, from the mouth of the Piece, than back-
wards, or on the ſides.



It may be doubted, that Sounds do move better do wnwards, than up-
wards. ſulpits are placed high above the people: And when the Ancient


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