Volltext: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

There is found a Similitude between the Sound that is made by Inani-
mate Bodies, or by Animate Bodies, that have no Voice Articulate, and di-
vers Letters of Articulate Voices; and commonly Men have given ſuch
names to thoſe Sounds as do allude unto the Articulate Letters. As Trem-
bling of Water hath reſemblance with the Letter L. Quenching of Hot Metals
with the Letter Z. Snarling of Dogs with the Letter R. The Noiſe of Scritch-
Owls with the Letters Sh. Voice of Cats with the Dipthong Eu. Voice of
Chucko s with the Dipthong Ou. Sounds of Strings with the Letters Ng. So
thatif a Man (for curioſity or ſtrangeneſs ſake) would make a Puppet, or
other dead Body, to pronounce a word: Lethim conſider on the one part,
the Motion of the Inſtruments of Voice; and on the other part, the like Sounds
made in Inanimate Bodies; and what Conformity there is, that cauſeth the
Similitude of Sounds; and by that he may miniſter light to that effect.




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