Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

We have alſo Perfume-houſes, where with we joyn alſo practices of
Taſte; we multiply Smells, which may ſeem ſtrange; we imitate Smells,
making all Smells to breath out of other mixtures then thoſe that give them. We make divers imitations of Taſte like wiſe, ſo that they will deceive any
Mans taſte. And in this Houſe we contain alſo a Confiture-houſe, where
we make all Sweet-meats, dry and moiſt, and divers pleaſant Wines, Milks,
Broths, and Sallets, far in greater variety then you have.

We have alſo Engine-houſes, where are prepared Engines and Inſtru-
ments for all ſorts of motions. There we imitate and practiſe to make
ſwifter motions then any you have, either out of your Muskets or any En-
gine that you have; and to make them, and multiply them more eaſily, and
with ſmall force, by wheels and other means; and to make them ſtronger
and more violent then yours are, exceeding your greateſt Cannons and
Baſilisks. We repreſent alſo Ordnance and Inſtruments of War, and En-
gines of all kindes; and likewiſe new mixtures and compoſitions of Gun-
powder, Wildefires burning in Water and unquenchable; alſo Fireworks
of all variety, both for pleaſure and uſe. We imitate alſo flights of Birds; we have ſome degrees of flying in the Air; we have Ships and Boats for
going under Water, and brooking of Seas; alſo Swimming-girdles and
Supporters. We have divers curious Clocks, and other like motions of
Return, and ſome perpetual motions. We imitate alſo motions of Living
Creatures by Images of Men, Beaſts, Birds, Fiſhes, and Serpents; we have
alſo a great number of other various motions, ſtrange for quality, fineneſs
and ſubtilty.

We have alſo a Mathematical-houſe, where are repreſented all Inſtru-
ments, as well of Geometry as Aſtronomy, exquiſitely made.

We have alſo Houſes of Deceits of the Senſes, where we repreſent
all manner of feats of Jugling, falſe Apparitions, Impoſtures and Illuſions,
and their Fallacies. And ſurely, you will eaſily believe that we that have ſo
many things truly Natural, which induce admiration, could in a world of
particulars deceive the Senſes, if we would diſguiſe thoſe things, and labor
to make them more miraculous: But we do hate all Impoſtures and Lies
inſomuch, as we have ſeverely forbidden it to all our Fellows, under pain
of Ignominy and Fines, that they do not ſhew any natural work or thing,
adorned or ſwelling, but onely pure as it is, and without all affectation of

Theſe are (my Son) the riches of Solomons Houſe.

For the ſeveral employments and offices of our Fellows; we have
twelve that ſail into Foreign Countreys under the names of other Nations,
(for our own we conceal) who bring us the Books, and Abſtracts, and Pat-
terns of Experiments of all other Parts. Theſe we call Merchants of

We have three that collect the Experiments, which are in all Books. Theſe we call Depredators.

We have three that collect the Experiments of all Mechanical Arts,
and alſo of Liberal Sciences, and alſo of Practices which are not brought
into Arts. Theſe we call Myſtery-men.

We have three that try new Experiments, ſuch as themſelves think
good. Theſe we call Pioneers or Miners.

We have three that draw the Experiments of the former four into
Titles and Tables, to give the better light for the drawing of Obſervations
and Axioms out of them. Theſe we call Compilers.


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