Volltext: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

Next unto warm Bloud, things alike in ſubstance to the Body of a man are nutritives: fat fleſhes of Oxen, Swine, Dear; Oiſters amongſt Fiſhes; Milk, Butter, Yolks of
Eggs, Flower of Wheat, ſweet wine, either Sugred, or before it be fined.



Such things as we would have mixed to make impreſſion are, inſtead of all, Salts,
eſpecially Bay-ſalt; alſo Wine (when it is full of Spirit) maketh entrance, and is an
excellent Convoy.



Aſtringents of that kind which we deſcribed, namely, unctuous and comfortable
things, are Saffron, Maſtick, Myrrhe, and Myrtle berries.



Of theſe parts, in our judgment, may very well be made ſuch a Bath as we deſign: Phyſicians and Poſterity will find out better things hereafter.



But the Operation will be much better and more powerful, if ſuch a Bath as we have
propounded (which we hold to be the principal matter) be attended with a fourfold
Courſe and Order.



Firſt, that there go before the Bath a Frication of the body, and an Anointing with
Oil, with ſome thickning ſubſtance, that the virtue and moiſtning heat of the Bath may
pierce the body, and not the watry part of the Liquor. Then let the Bath follow, for
the ſpace of ſome two hours. After the Bath, let the body be Emplaiſtered with Ma-
ſtick, Myrrhe, Tragacanth, Diapalma, and Saffron; that the perſpiration of the body
may (as much as is poſſible) be inhibited, till the ſupple matter be by degrees turned
into ſolid: This to be continued for the ſpace of twenty four hours or more. Laſtly,
the Emplaiſtering being removed, let there be an anointing with Oil mixed with salt and
Saffron. And let this Bath, together with the Emplaistering and Unction, (as before)
be renewed every fifth day. This Malaciſſation or ſuppling of the body be continued
for one whole month.



Alſo during the time of this Malaciſſation, we hold it uſeful and proper, and accord-
ing to our intention, that men nouriſh their bodies well, and keep out of the cold air,
and drink nothing but warm drink.



Now this is one of thoſe things (as we warned in general in the beginning)
whereof we have made no trial by Experiment, but onely ſet it down out of our
aiming and levelling at the end: For having ſet up the Mark, we deliver the Light to



Neither ought the warmths and cheriſhings of living bodies to be neglected. Ficinus
ſaith, and that ſerioufly enough, That the laying of the young Maid in David’s boſom
was wholſome ſor him, but it came too late. He ſhould alſo have added, That the young
Maid, after the manner of the Perſian Virgins, ought to have been anointed with Myrrhe,
and ſuch like, not for deliciouſneſs, but to increaſe the virtue of this cheriſhing by a
living body.



Barbaroſſa, in his extream old age, by the advice of a Phyſician, a Jew, did con-
tinually apply young Boys to his ſtomach and belly, for warmth and cheriſhing: alſo
ſome old men lay Whelps (creatures of the hotteſt kind) cloſe to their ſtomachs every



There hath gone a report, almoſt undoubted, and that under ſeveral names, of cer-
tain men that had great Noſes, who being weary of the deriſion of people, have cut
ofſ the bunches or hillocks of their Noſes, and then making a wide gaſh in their arms,
have held their Noſes in the place for a certain time, and ſo brought forth fair and come-
ly Noſes: which if it be true, it ſhews plainly the conſent of fleſh unto fleſh, eſpecially
in live fleſhes.



Touching the particular Inteneration of the principal Bowels, the Stomach, Lungs, Liver,
Heart, Brain, Marrow of the Back-bone, Guts, Reins, Gall, Veins, Arteries, Nerves, Carti-
Lages, Bones, the Inquiſition and Direction would be too long ſeeing we now ſet not forth
a Practick, but certain Indications to the Practick.




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