Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

To the Irroration of the body, roaſted meats or baked meats are more effectual than
boiled meats, and all preparation of meat with water is inconvenient: beſides, Oil is
more plentifully extracted out of drie bodies than out of moiſt bodies.



Generally, to the Irroration of the body much uſe of ſweet things is profitable, as of
Sugar, Honey, ſweet Almonds, Pine-Apples, Piſtachio’s, Dates, Raiſins of the Sun, Corans,
Figs, and the like. Contrarily, all ſour, and very ſalt, and very biting things are oppo-
ſite to the generation of Roſcid Juice.



Neither would we be thought to favaur the Manichees, or their diet, though we com-
mend the frequent uſe of all kinds of Seeds, Kernels, and Roots, in Meats or Sauces,
conſidering all Bread (and Bread is that which maketh the Meat firm) is made either
of Seeds or Roots.



But there is nothing makes ſo much to the Irroration of the body, as the quality of
the Drink, which is the convoy of the Meat; therefore let there be in uſe ſuch Drinks as
without all acrimony or ſowrneſs are notwithſtanding ſubtil: ſuch are thoſe Wines
which are (as the old woman ſaid in Plautus) vetuſtate edentula, toothleſs with age,
and Ale of the ſame kind.



Mead (as we ſuppoſe) would not be ill if it were ſtrong and old: but becauſe
all Honey hath in it ſome ſharp parts, (as appears by that ſharp water which the Chy-
mists extract out of it, which will diſſolve metals) it were better to take the ſame por-
tion of Sugar, not lightly infuſed in it, but ſo incorporated as Honey uſeth to be in Mead,
and to keep it to the age of a year, or at leaſt ſix months, whereby the Water may loſe
the crudity, and the Sugar acquire ſubtilty.



Now ancientneſs in Wine or Beer hath this in it, that it ingenders ſubtilty in the
parts of the Liquor, and acrimony in the Spirits, where of the firſt is profitable, and the
ſecond hurtful. Now to rectifie this evil commixture, let there be put into the veſſel,
before the Wine be ſeparated from the Muſt, Swines-fleſh or Deers-fleſh well boiled,
that the Spirits of the Wine may have whereupon to ruminate and feed, and ſo lay aſide
their mordacity.



In like manner, if Ale ſhould be made not only with the grains of Wheat, Barly,
Oates, Peaſe, and the like; but alſo ſhould admit a part (ſuppoſe a third part to theſe
grains) of ſome fat roots, ſuch as are Potado-roots, Pith of Artichokes, Burre-roots,
or ſome other ſweet and eſculent roots; we ſuppoſe it would be a more uſeful drink
for long life than Ale made of grains onely.



Alſo ſuch things as have very thin parts, yet notwithſtanding are without all acri-
mony or mordacity, are ve [?] ry good Sallets: which vertue we find to be in ſome few
of the Flowers; namely, Flowers of Ivy, which infuſed in Vinegar are pleaſant even
to the taſte; Marigold leaves, which are uſed in Broths; and Flowers of Betony. And
touching the operation upon the Juices of the Body thus much.



62. The Operation upon the Bowels for their Extruſion
of Aliment. 5.

The Hiſtory.

WHat thoſe things are which comfort the Principal Bowels, whichare the foun-
tains of Concoctions, namely, the Stomack, Liver, Heart and Brain, to
perform their functions well, (whereby Aliment is diſtributed into the parts,
Spirits are diſperſed, and the Reparation of the whole body is accompliſhed) may be
derived from Phyſitians, and from their Preſcripts and Advices.



Touching the Spleen, Gall, Kidneys, Meſenteries, Guts and Lungs, we ſpeak not, for
theſe are members miniſtring to the principal; and whereas ſpeech is made touching
health, they require ſometime a moſt ſpecial conſideration, becauſe each of theſe
have their diſeaſes, which unleſs they be cured, will have influence upon the Prin-
cipal Members. But as touching the prolongation of life, and reparation by ali-
ments, and retardation of the incoction of old age; if the Concoctions and


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