Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum


45. THE
Particular Topick Places;

FIrſt, inquire of Nature durable, and Not durable, in Bodies Inani-
mate or without Life, as alſo in Vegetables; but that not in a
large or juſt Treatiſe, but as in a Brief or Summary onely.



Alſo inquire diligently of Deſiccation, Arefaction, and Con-
ſumption of Bodies Inanimate, and of Vegetables; and of the
ways and proceſſes, by which they are done; and further, of
Inhibiting and Delaying of Deſiccation, Arefaction, and Con-
ſumption, and of the Conſervation of Bodies, in their proper ſtate; and again, of the Inteneration, Emollition, and Recovery of Bodies to their former freſh-
neſs, after they be once dryed and withered.



Neither need the Inquiſition touching theſe things, to be full or exact, ſeeing they
pertain rather to their proper Title of Nature durable; ſeeing alſo, they are not Princi-
pals in this Inquiſition, but ſerve onely to give light to the Prolongation and Instauration
of Life in Living creatures. In which (as was ſaid before) the ſame things come to paſs,
but in a particular manner. So from the Inquiſition touching Bodies Inanimate and Vege-
tables, let the Inquiſition paſs on to other Living Creatures beſides Man.

Inquire touching the length and ſhortneſs of Life in Living Creatures, with the due
circumſtances which make moſt for their long or ſhort lives.



But becauſe the Duration of Bodies is twofold, One in Identity, or the ſelf ſame
ſubſtance, the other by a Renovation or Reparation; whereof the former hath place onely
in Bodies Inanimate, the latter in Vegetables and Living Creatures, and is perfected by
Alimentation or Nouriſhment; therefore it will be fit to inquire of Alimentation, and
of the ways and progreſſes thereof; yet this not exactly, (becauſe it pertains properly
to the Titles of Aſſimilation and Alimentation) but, as the reſt, in progreſs onely.



From the Inquiſition touching Living Creatures, and Bodies repaired by Nouriſh-
ment, paſs on to the Inquiſition touching Man. And now being come to the principal
ſubject of Inquiſition, the Inquiſition ought to be in all points more preciſe and accu-

Inquire touching the length and ſhortneſs of Life in Men, according to the Ages of
the World, the ſeveral Regions, Climates, and Places of their Nativity and Habitation.



Inquire touching the length and ſhortneſs of Life in Men, according to their Races
and Families, as if it were a thing hereditary; alſo according to their Complexions, Con-
ſtitutions, and Habits of Body, their Statures, the manner and time of their growth, and
the making and compoſition of their Members.



Inquire touching the length and ſhortneſs of Life in Men, according to the times of
their Nativity; but ſo, as you omit for the preſent all Aſtrological obſervations, and the
Figures of Heaven, under which they were born; onely inſiſt upon the vulgar and


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