Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

It hath been practiſed to make White Swallaws, by anointing of the Eggs
with Oyl. Which effect may be produced by the ſtopping of the Pores of
the Shell, and making the Juice that putteth forth the Feathers after wards
more penurious, And it may be, the anointing of the Eggs will be as effectu-
al as the anointing of the Body. Of which, Vide the Experiment 93.



It is reported, that the White of an Egg or Blood mingled with Salt-
water, doth gather the ſaltneſs, and maketh the water ſweeter. This may be
by Adheſion; as in the Sixth Experiment of Clarification. It may be alſo, that
Blood, and the White of an Egg, (which is the matter of a Living Creature)
have ſome Sympathy with Salt; for all Life, hath a Sympathy with Salt. We ſee that Salt laid to a cut finger, healeth it; ſo, as it ſeemeth, Salt draw-
eth Blood, as well as Blood draweth Salt.



It hath been anciently received, that the Sea-Hare hath an antipathy
with the Lungs, (if it cometh near the Body) and erodeth them. Whereof
the cauſe is conceived to be a quality it hath of heating the Breath and Spi-
rits; as Cantharides have upon the watry parts of the Body, as Urine and Hy-
dropical Water. And it is a good rule, That whatſoever hath an operation
upon certain kindes of Matters, that in Mans Body worketh moſt upon
thoſe parts wherein that kinde of matter aboundeth.



Generally that which is Dead, or Corrupted, or Excerned, hath antipa-
thy with the ſame thing when it is alive, and when it is ſound, and with thoſe
parts which do excern: As a Carcaſs of Man is moſt infectious and odious to
Man, a Carrion of an Horſe to an Horſe, & c. Purulent matter of Wounds
and Ulcers, Carbuncles, Pox, Scabs, Leproſie, to ſound Fleſh; and the Ex-
crements of every Species to that Creature that excerneth them. But the
Excrements are leſs pernicious then the corruptions.



It is a common experience, That Dogs know the Dog-killer, when as
in times of Infection ſome pety fellow is ſent out to kill the Dogs; and that
though they have never ſeen him before, yet they will all come forth, and
bark, and flie at him.



The Relations touching the Force of Imagination, and the Secret Inſtincts
of Nature, are ſo uncertain, as they require a great deal of Examination ere
we conclude upon them. I would have it firſt throughly inquired, whether
there be any ſecret paſſages of Sympathy between Perſons of near Blood; as
Parents, Children, Brothers, Siſters, Nurſe-children, Husbands, Wives, & c. There
be many reports in Hiſtory, that upon the death of Perſons of ſuch nearneſs,
Men have had an in ward feeling of it. I my ſelf remember, that being in
Paris, and my Father dying in London, two or three days before my Fathers
death, I had a dream, which I told to divers Engliſh Gentlemen, that my Fa-
thers Houſe in the Countrey was Plaiſtered all over with Black Mortar. There
is an opinion abroad, (whether idle, or no I cannot ſay) That loving and
kinde Husbands have a ſenſe of their Wives breeding Childe by ſome acci-
dent in their own Body.



Next to thoſe that are near in Blood, there may be the like paſſage and
inſtincts of Nature between great Friends and Enemies. And ſometimes the
revealing is unto another perſon, and not to the party himſelf. I remember
Philippus Comineus (a grave Writer) reporteth, That the Archbiſhop of Vienna
(a Reverend Prelat) ſaid (one day) after Maſs to King Lewis the Eleventh of
France, Sir, rour Mortal Enemy is dead; what time, Charles Duke of Burgundy
was ſlain at the Battel of Granſon againſt the Switzers. Some tryal alſo would
be made, whether Pact or Agreement do any thing; as if two Friends ſhould
agree, That ſuch a day in every Week, they being in far diſtant places,


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