Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

Vide the Experiments 95, 96, and 97. touching the ſeveral Sympathies and
Antipathies for Medicinal uſe.



It is ſaid, that the Guts or Skin of a Woolf being applied to the Belly
do cure the Colick. It is true, that the Woolf is a Beaſt of great Edacity and
Digeſtion; and ſo it may be the parts of him comfort the Bowels.



We ſee Scare-crows are ſet up to keep Birds from Corn and Fruit. It is
reported by ſome, that the Head of a Woolf [?] , whole, dried and hanged up in
a Dove-houſe, will ſcare away Vermin, ſuch as are Weaſils, Pole-cats, and the
like. It may be the Head of a Dog will do as much; for thoſe Vermin with
us, know Dogs better then Wolves.



The Brains of ſome Creatures, (when their Heads are roſted) taken in
Wine, are ſaid to ſtrengthen the Memory; as the Brains of Hares, Brains of
Hens, Brains of Deer, & c. And it ſeemeth to be incident to the Brains of
thoſe Creatures that are fearful.



The Oyntment that Witches uſe, is reported to be made of the Fat of
Children digged out of their Graves; of the Juices of Smallage, Woolf-
bane, and Cinquefoil, mingled with the Meal of Fine Wheat. But I ſuppoſe,
that the Soporiferous Medicines are likeſt to do it; which are Henbane, Hem-
lock, Mandrake, Moonſhade, Tobacco, Opium, Saffron, Poplar leaves, & c.



It is reported by ſome, that the affections of Beaſts when they are in
ſtrength, do add ſome virtue unto inanimate things: As that the Skin of a
Sheep devoured by a Woolf moveth itching; that a ſtone bitten by a Dog in
anger, being thrown at him, drunk in Powder provoketh Choler.



It hath been obſerved, that the diet of Women with Childe, doth work
much upon the Infant. As if the Mother eat Quinces much, and Coriander-
feed (the nature of both which, is to repreſs and ftay vapors that aſcend to
the Brain) it will make the Childe ingenious: And on the contrary ſide, if
the Mother eat (much) Onions or Beans, or ſuch vaporous food, or drink
Wine or ſtrong drink immoderately, or faſt much, or be given to much
muſing, (all which ſend or draw vapors to the Head) it indangereth the
Childe to become Lunatick, or of imperfect memory: And I make the ſame
judgment of Tobacco of en taken by the Mother.



The Writers of Natural Magick report, that the Heart of an Ape worn
near the Heart, comforteth the Heart, and increaſeth audacity. It is true, that
the Ape is a merry and bold Beaſt. And that the ſame Heart likewiſe of an Ape
applied to the Neck or Head, helpeth the Wit, and is good for the Falling
ſickneſs. The Ape alſo is a witty Beaſt, and hath a dry Brain; which may
be ſome cauſe of attenuation of Vapors in the Head. Yet it is ſaid to move
Dreams alſo. It may be the Heart of a Man would do more, but that it is
more againſt Mens mindes to uſe it; except it be in ſuch as wear the Reliques
of Saints.



The Fleſh of a Hedghog dreſſed and eaten, is ſaid to be a great dryer. It is true, that the Juice of a Hedghog muſt needs be harſh and dry, becauſe
it putteth forth ſo many Prickles: For Plants alſo that are full of Prickles are
generally dry; as Bryars, Thorns, Barberries. And therefore the aſhes of a
Hedghog are ſaid to be a great deſiccative of Fiſtula’s.



Mummy hath great force in ſtanching of Blood; which as it may be
aſcribed to the mixture of Balms that are Glutenous, ſo it may alſo partake
of a ſecret propriety, in that the Blood draweth Mans fleſh. And it is ap-
proved, that the Moſs which groweth upon the Scull of a Dead Man unburied
will ſtanch Blood potently. And ſo do the dregs or powder of Blood, ſevered
from the Water and dried.



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