Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

Century VIII. have a greater Head of Horns; and whether the Head of a Deer, that by
age is more ſpitted, may be brought again to be more branched. For
theſe tryals and the like will ſhew, Whether by art ſuch hard matter can
be called and provoked. It may be tryed alſo, whether Birds may not have
ſomething done to them when they are young, whereby they may be made
to have greater or longer Bills, or greater and longer Talons: And whe-
ther Children may not have ſome Waſh, or ſomething to make their
Teeth better and ſtronger. Coral is in uſe as an help to the Teeth of



SOme Living Creatures generate but at certain ſeaſons of the year; as
Deer, Sheep, Wilde Coneys, & c. and moſt ſorts of Birds and Fishes: Others
at any time of the year, as Men; and all Domeſtick Creatures, as Horſes,
Hogs, Dogs, Cats, & c. The cauſe of Generation at all ſeaſons, ſeemeth to be
Fulneſs; for Generation is from Redundance. This Fulneſs ariſeth from two
cauſes, Either from the Nature of the Creature, if it be Hot, and Moiſt, and
Singuine, or from Plenty of Food. For the firſt, Men, Horſes, Dogs, & c. which breed at all ſeaſons, are full of Heat and Moiſture; Doves are the full-
eſt of Heat and Moiſture amongſt Birds, and therefore breed often, the
Tame Dove almoſt continually. But Deer are a Melancholick dry Creature,
as appeareth by their fearfulneſs, and the hardneſs of their Fleſh. sheep are a
cold Creature, as appeareth by their mildneſs, and for that they ſeldom
drink. Moſt ſorts of Birds are of a dry ſubſtance in compariſon of Beaſts; Fishes are cold. For the ſecond cauſe, Fulneſs of Food, Men, Kine, Swine,
Dogs, & c. feed full. And we ſee, that thoſe Creatures which, being Wilde,
generate ſeldom, being tame, generate often; which is from warmth and
fulneſs of food. Wefinde that the time of going to Rut of Deer is in Sep-
tember, for that they need the whole Summers Feed and Graſs to make them
fit for Generation; and if Rain come early about the middle of September,
they go to Rut ſomewhat the ſooner; if Drought, ſomewhat the later. So
Sheep, in reſpect of their ſmall heat, generate about the ſame time, or ſome-
what before. But for the moſt part, Creatures that generate at certain ſea-
ſons generate in the Spring; as Birds and Fiſhes: For that the end of the
Winter, and the heat and comfort of the Spring prepareth them. There is
alſo another reaſon why ſome Creatures generate at certain ſeaſons, and that
is the Relation of their time of Bearing to the time of Generation; for no
Creature goeth to generate whileſt the Female is full, nor whileſt ſhe is buſie
in ſitting; or rearing her young; and therefore it is found by experience, that
if you take the Eggs or Young-ones out of the Neſts of Birds, they will fall
to generate again three or four times one after another.


in Conſort,
touching the
and Bearing
of Living
Creatures in
the Womb.

Of Living Creatures, ſome are longet time in the Womb, and ſome
ſhorter. Women go commonly nine Moneths, the Cow and the Ewe about
ſix Moneths, Doesgo about nine Moneths, Mares eleven Moneths, Bitches
nine Weeks; Elephants are ſaid to go two years, for the received Tra-
dition of ten years is fabulous. For Birds there is double enquiry; the di-
ſtance between the treading or coupling, and the laying of the Egg; and
again, between the Egglaid, and the diſcloſing or hatching. And amongſt
Birds there is leſs diverſity of time then amongſt other Creatures, yet ſome
there is; forithe Hen ſitteth but three weeks, the Turky-hen, Gooſe
and Duck, a moneth. Quære of others. The cauſe of the great difference
of times amongſt Living Creatures is, either from the nature of the Kind,


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