Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

Natural Hiſtory; be, that the delicate coloured Dragon Flies may have likewiſe ſome Cor-
roſive quality.


touching the
Flies Cantha-

LAßitude is remedied by Bathing or Anointing with Oyl and warm Wa-
ter. The cauſe is, for that all Laßitude is a kinde of Contuſion and Com-
preſſion of the Parts; and Bathing and Anointing give a Relaxion or Emol-
lition: And the mixture of Oyl and Water is better then either of them a-
lone, becauſe Water entreth better into the Pores, and Oyl after entry ſoft-
neth better. It is found alſo, that the taking of Tobacco doth help and diſcharge
Laßitude. The reaſon whereof is partly, becauſe by chearing or comfort-
ing of the Spirits, it openeth the Parts compreſſed or contuſed: And chiefly,
becauſe it refreſheth the Spirits by the Opiate Vertue thereof, and ſo diſ-
chargeth Wearineſs, as Sleep likewiſe doth.


in Conſort,

In going up a Hill the Knees will be moſt weary; in going down a Hill,
Thighs. The cauſe is, for that in the Lift of the Feet, when a man goeth up
the Hill, the weight of the Body beareth moſt upon the Knees; and in going
down the Hill, upon the Thighs.



THe caſting of the Skin, is by the Ancients compared to the breaking of
the Secundine or Call, but not rightly; for that were to make every caſt-
ing of the Skin a new Birth: And beſides, the Secundine is but a general
Cover, not ſhaped according to the Parts; but the Skin is ſhaped according
to the Parts. The Creatures that caſt their Skin are, the Snake, the Viper,
the Grashopper, the Lizard, the Silk-worm, & c. Thoſe that caſt their Shell are,
the Lobſter, the Crab, the Cra-fish, the Hodmandod or Dodman, the Tortoiſe, & c. The old Skins are found, but the old Shells never: So as it is like they ſcale
off, and crumble away by degrees. And they are known by the extream
tenderneſs and ſoftneſs of the new Shell; and ſomewhat by the freſhneſs of
the colour of it. The cauſe of the caſting and Skin and Shell ſhould ſeem
to be the great quantity of matter in thoſe Creatures, that is fit to make
Skin or Shell: And again, the looſnefs of the Skin or Shell, that ſticketh
not cloſe to the Fleſh. For it is certain, that it is the new Skin or Shell
that putteth off the old. So we ſee that in Deer, it is the young Horn that
putteth off the old. And in Birds, the young Feathers put off the old; and
ſo Birds that have much matter for their Beak, caſt their Beaks, the new
Beak putting off the old.


touching the
Casting of the
Skin and Shell
in ſome Crea-

LYing not Frect but Hollow, which is in the making of the Bed, or with
the Legs gathered up, which is in the poſture of the Body, is the more
wholeſome, @hereaſon is the better comforting of the Stomack, which is
by that leſs penſile; and we ſee, that in weak Stomacks, the laying up of the
Legs high, and the Knees almoſt to the Mouth, helpeth and comforteth. We ſee alſo that Gally-ſlaves, not with ſtanding their miſery other wiſe, are
commonly fat and fleſhy; and the reaſon is, becauſe the Stomack is ſup-
ported ſome what in ſitting, and is penſile in ſtanding or going. And there-
fore for Prolongation of Life, it is good to chuſe thoſe Exerciſes where the
Limbs move more then the Stomack and Belly; as in Rowing and in Saw-
ing, being ſet.


in Conſort,
touching the
Poſtures of the

Megrims and Giddineß are rather when we Riſe, after long ſitting, then
while we ſit. The cauſe is, for that the Vapors which were gathered by
ſitting, by the ſudden Motion flie more up in to the Head.



Leaning upon any Part maketh it Num, and, as we call it, Aſleep.


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