Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

Of the compreſſion of Liquors. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of the working of water upon Air contiguow. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of the Nature of Air. Exp. 1 # pag. 188
Of the Eyes and Sight. Exp. 7 # ibid.
Of the colour of the Sea, or other water. Exp. 1 # pag. 189
Of Shell-Fiſh. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of the Right ſide and the Left. Exp. 1 # pag. 190
Of Frictions. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of Globes appearing flat at diſtance. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of Shadows. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of the Rowling and breaking of the Seas. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of the Dulcoration of Salt-water. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of the return of ſaltneſs in pits by the Sea-ſhore. Exp. 1 # pag. 191
Of Attraction by ſimilitude of ſubstance. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of Attraction. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of Heat under earth. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of Flying in the Air. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of the Scarlet Dy. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of Malificiating. Exp. 1 # pag. 102
Of the Riſe of Liquors or Pouders, by means of A [?] ame. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of the influences of the Moon. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of Vinegar. Exp. 1 # pag. 194
Of Creatures that ſleep all Winter. Exp. 1 # ibid.
Of the Generating of Creatures by Copulation, and by Putrefaction. Exp. 1 # ibid.

15. Century X.

OF the Tranſmiſſion and Influx of Immateriate Virtues and the Force of Imagination;
# whereof there be Experiments Monitory, three inall. Exp. 11 # pag. 197
Of Emiſſion of spirits in Vapour, or Exhalation, odour like. Exp. 26 # pag. 201
Of Emiſſion of ſpiritual Species which effect the Senſes. Exp. 1 # pag. 204
Of Emiſſion of Immateriate Vertues, from the Minds, and the Spirits of Men, by Affecti-
# ons, Imagination, or other Impreſſions. Exp. 21 # ibid.
Of the ſecret vertue of Sympathy, and Antipathy. Exp. 39 # pag. 208
Of ſecret Vertues and Properties. Exp. 1 # pag. 214
Of the General Sympathy of mens Spirits. Exp. 1 # pag. 215

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