Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum



Century VII.

THe differences between Animate and Inanimate Bodies, we
ſhall handle fully under the Title of Life, and Living
Spirits, and Powers. We ſhall therefore make but a brief
mention of them in this place. The main differences
are two. All Bodies have Spirits, and Pneumatical parts
within them; but the main differences between Ani-
mate and Inanimate are two. The firſt is, that the Spirits
of things animate, are all contined with themſelves,
and are branched in Veins, and ſecret Sanales, as Blood is: And in Living
Creatures, the Spirits have not onely Branches, but certain Sells or Seats,
where the principal Spirits do reſide, and whereunto thereſt do reſort: But
the Spirits in things Inanimate are ſhut in, and cut off by the Tangible parts; and are not pervious one to another, as Air is in Snow. The ſecond main
difference is, that the Spirits of Animate Bodies are all in ſome degree (more
or leſs) kindled and in flamed, and have a fine commixture of Flame, and
an Ærial ſubſtance: But Inanimate Bodies have their Spirits no whit in-
flamed or kindled. And this difference conſiſteth not in the Heat or Cool-
neſs of Spirits; for Cloves and other Spices, Naptha and Petroleum, have ex-
ceeding hot Spirits (hotter a great deal than Oyl, Wax, or Tallow, & c.) but
not inflamed. And when any of thoſe weak and temperate Bodies come to
be in flamed, than they gather a much greater heat, than others have unin-
flamed, beſides their light and motion, & c.


in Conſort,
touching the
Affinities and
between Plants
and Inanimate

The differences which are ſecondary, and proceed from theſe two ra-
dical differences are, firſt, Plants are all figurate and determinate, which
inanimate Bodies are not; for look how far the Spirit is able to ſpred and
continue it ſelf, ſo far goeth the ſhape or figure, and then is determined. Secondly, Plants do nouriſh, inanimate Bodies do not; they have an Accre-
tion, but no Alimentation. Thirdly, Plants have a period of life, which in-
animate Bodies have not. Fourthly, they have a ſucceſſion and propagation
of their kinde, which is not in Bodies inanimate.



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