Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum


Century V.

WE will now enquire of Plants or Vegetables; and we ſhall
do it with diligence. They are the principal part of
the Third days Work; they are the firſt Producat, which
is the word of Animation, for the other words are but
the words of Eſſence; and they are of excellent and
generaluſe, For Food, Medicine, and a number of Medi-
cinal Arts.


in Conſort,
touching the
of Germinati-

There were ſown in a Bed, Turnip ſeed, Raddiſh-ſeed, Wheat, Cucumber-ſeed,
and Peaſe. The Bed we call a Hot-bed, and the manner of it is this. There
was taken Horſe-dung, old, and well rotted; this was laid upon a Bank
half a foot high, and ſupported round about with Planks; and upon the
top was caſt ſifred Earth, ſome two fingers deep; and then the Seed
ſprinkled upon it, having been ſteeped all night in Water mixed with Cow-
dung. The Turnip-ſeed, and the VVneat, came up half an inch above ground,
within two days after, without any watering; the reſt the third day. The
Experiment was made in October, and (it may be) in the Spring, the Accele-
rating would have been the ſpeedier. This is a noble Experiment; for,
without this help, they would have been four times as long in coming up. But there doth not occur to me, at this preſent, any uſe thereof, for pro-
fit, except it ſhould be for Sowing of Peaſe, which have their price very
much increaſed by the early coming. It may be tryed alſo with Cher-
ries, Strawberries, and other Fruit which are deareſt, when they come



There was Wheat ſteeped in Water mixed with Cow dung, other in
Water mixed with Horſe-dung, other in Water mixed with Pigeon-dung,


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