Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

Natural Hiſtory; and the Skull of the Pig cloſed, and the Pig hath a little after gone about. And certain it is, that an Eye upon Revenge, hath been thruſt forth, ſo as it
hanged a pretty diſtance by the Viſual Nerve; and during that time, the Eye
hath been without any power of Sight; and yet after (being replaced) re-
covered Sight. Now the Spirits are chiefly in the Head, and Cells of the
Brain, which in Men and Beaſts are large; and therefore, when the Head is
off, they move little or nothing: But Birds have ſmall Heads, and there-
fore the Spirits are a little more diſperſed in the Sinews, where by Motion re-
maineth in them a little longer; inſomuch, as it is extant in ſtory, that an
Emperor of Rome, to ſhew the certainty of his hand, did ſhoot a great Forked
Arrow at an Eſtrich, as ſhe ran ſwiftly upon the Stage, and ſtroke off her
Head; and yet ſhe continued the race a little way with her Head off. As
for Worms, and Flies, and Eels, the Spirits are diffuſed almoſt all over; and
therefore they move in their ſeveral pieces.


Motion afier
the Inſtant of

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