Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

67. PROP. IX.
That it is more probable the Earth does
move, than the Sun or Heavens.

A Mongſt thoſe many Arguments that
may be urged for the conſirmation of
this Truth, I ſhall only ſet down theſe five.

1. If we ſuppoſe the Earth to be the
cauſe of this Motion, then will thoſe vaſt
and glorious Bodies of the Heavens, be freed
from that inconceivable, unnatural ſwift-
neſs, which muſt otherwiſe be attributed
unto them.

For if the Diurnal Revolution be in the
Heavens, then it will follow, according to
the common Hypotheſis, that each Star in
the Equator, muſt in every hour move at
the leaſt 4529538 German miles. So that
according to the obſervation of Cardan, who tells us, that the Pulſe of a well-tem-
pered Man, does beat 4000 times in an
hour; one of the Stars in that ſpace, whilſt
the Pulſe beats once, muſt paſs 1132 Ger-
man miles (ſaith Alphraganus): Or, ac-
cording to Tycho, 732 German miles. But
theſe numbers ſeem to be ſomewhat of the
leaſt; and therefore many others do much
enlarge them, affirming that every Star in


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