Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Earth may be a Plant. Day of Judgment; which they prove from
iſa. 60. 20. Thy Sun ſhall no more go down,
neitber ſhall thy Moon withdraw it ſelf. So
likewiſe, Rev. 10. 6. The Angel ſwears, that
there ſhall be time no longer: and therefore
the Heavens muſt reſt, ſince by their motion
it is that Time is meaſured. And st. Paul
ſays, Rom. 8. 20. That all the Creatures are
made ſubject to Vanity. Now this can be no
other in the Heavens, than the Vanity of
Motion, which the Wife Man ſpeaks of,
Eccleſ. 1. 4. The Sun riſeth, and the Sun goeth
down, & c.

To theſe it may be anſwered:

Ad 1, & 2. In the firſt you may note a
manifeſt contradiction, when he will have
the Earth to be hotter than the Water, by
reaſon of this motion; when as notwith-
ſtanding he acknowledges the Water to
move along with it; and therefore too, in
the next Line, he infers that the Water,
becauſe of that heat and rarefaction which
it receives from this motion with the Earth,
muſt be incapable of ſo much cold, as to
be congealed into Ice.

But unto that which may be conceived to
be his meaning in this and the next Argu-
ment: I anſwer, If he had fully underſtood
this Opinion which he oppoſes, he would
eaſily have apprehended, that it could not
be prejudiced by either of theſe Conſequen-
ces. For we ſuppoſe, that not only this
Globe of Earth and Water, but alſo all the
vaporous Air which invirons it, are carried


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