Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Eartb may be a Planet. more excellent, which does limit any thing,
than that which is bounded by it. For this
reaſon is it, that Matter is amongſt thoſe
things which are terminated, and Form that
which does circumſcribe.

But againſt this anſwer of Ariſtotle, it is
again replied:

1. Though it be true, that in living Crea-
tures, the beſt and chiefeſt part is not placed
always juſt in the midſt; yet this may be,
becauſe they are not of an orbicular Form,
as the World is.


Aſtr. Co-

2. Though that which bounds another
thing, be more excellent than that which is
terminated by it, yet this does not prove
the Centre to be the worſt place, becauſe
that is one of the Terms or Limits of a
round Body, as well as the Circumfe-

There are likewiſe other Arguments to
this purpoſe, much inſiſted on by eminent
Aſtronomers; taken from that Harmoni-
cal Proportion which there may be be-
twixt the ſeveral diſtances and bigneſs of
the Orbs, if we ſuppoſe the Sun to be in
the Centre.


præ. ad

For according to this (ſay they) we may
conceive an excellent harmony, both in the
number and the diſtance of the Planets; (and if God made all other things, numero
& menſurâ, much more then thoſe greater
Works, the Heavens) for then the five Ma-
thematical Bodies, ſo much ſpoken of by
Euclid, will bear in them a proportion


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