Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

64. PROP. VII.
Tis probable that the Sun is in the Gentre
of the World.

The chief Reaſons for the confirmation
of this Truth, are implied in the con-
veniences of this Hypotheſis above any other; whereby we may reſolve the Motions and
Appearances of the Heavens, into more eaſy
and natural Cauſes.

Hence will the Frame of Nature be freed
from that deformity, which it has accord-
ing to the Syſteme of Tycho: who though he
make the Sun to be in the midſt of the Pla-
nets, yet, without any good Reaſon, denies
it to be in the midſt of the fixed Stars; as if
the Planets, which are ſuch eminent parts of
the World, ſhould be appointed to move
about a diſtinct Centre of their own, which
was beſide that of the Univerſe.

Hence likewife are we freed from many of
thoſe Inconveniences in the Hypotheſis of
Ptolomy, who ſuppoſed in the Heavens, Epi-
cycles and Eccentricks, and other Orbs, which
he calls the Deferents of the Apoge and the
Perige. As if Nature, in framing this great
Engine of the World, had been put unto
ſuch hard ſhifts, that ſhe was fain to make
ufe of Wheels and Screws, and other


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