Volltext: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Earth may be a Planet. being meant only of this habitable World,
the Earth.

I anſwer: Firſt, This is only ſaid, not
proved. Secondly, David, but a little be-
fore, ſeems to make a difference between the
World and the Earth, Pſal. 90. 2. where he
ſays, Before thou hadſt formed the Earth and
the V Vorld. But, thirdly, in another place,
there is the ſame original word applied ex-
preſly to the Heavens; and which is yet
more, the ſame place does likewiſe mention
this ſuppoſed ſetledneſs of the Earth; Prov. 3. 19. The Lord by Wiſdom hath founded the
Earth: and by Underſtanding, bath be eſtabliſhed
the Heavens. So that theſe places can no
more prove an immobility in the Earth than
in the Heavens.

If you yet reply, That by the Heavens
there, is meant the Seat of the Bleſſed, which
does not move with the reſt.

I anſwer: Tho by ſuch an evaſion, a Man
might poſſibly avoid the force of this place: yet, firſt, ’tis but a groundleſs ſhift: becauſe
then, that Verſe will not contain a full enu-
meration of the parts in the World, as may
ſeem more agreeable to the intention of it; but only ſhew, that God created this Earth
where we live, and the Heaven of Heavens. So that the Heaven of the Stars and Planets,
ſhall be ſhifted out from the number of the
other Creatures. Secondly, There is ano-
ther place which cannot be ſo avoided,
Pſal. 89. 37. where the Pſalmiſt uſes this
expreſſion, ןרב’, It ſhall be eſtabliſhed as the



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