Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Earth may be a Planet. upon the Seas, and eſtabliſhed it upon the Floods: Of which Places, ſaith Calvin, Non diſput at
Philoſophicè David, de terræ ſitu; ſed popula-
riter loquens, ad rudium captum ſe accommodat: ’T was not David’s intent to ſpeak Philoſo-
phically concerning the Earth's ſcituation; but rather, by uſing a popular Phraſe, to
accommodate his Speech unto the Capacities
of the ruder People.


Pſ. 136. 6.
& 24. 2.

In this ſenſe likewiſe are we to underſtand
all thoſe places of Scripture, wherein the
Coaſts of Heaven are denominated from the
relations of Before, Behind, the right hand,
or the left. Which do not imply (ſaith
Scaliger) any abſolute difference in ſuch places, but are ſpoken meerly in reference
to Mens eſtimations, and the common opi-
nion of thoſe People, for whom the Scrip-
tures were firſt penned. Thus becauſe it
was the opinion of the Jewiſh Rabbies, that
Man was created with his Face to the Eaſt: therefore the Hebrew word םרק, ſignifies
Ante, or the Eaſt; רותא, Poſt, or the Weſt; ן’מ’, Dextra, or the South, לאמש, Sini-
ſtra, or the North. You may ſee all of
them put together in that place of Job, Be-
hold, I go forward, and he is not there; and
backward, but I cannot perceive him; on the
left hand, where he doth work, but I cannot be-
hold him. He hideth himſelf on the right hand,
that I cannot ſee him. Which expreſſions,
are by ſome Interpreters referred unto the
four Coaſts of Heaven, according to the
common uſe of thoſe original words. From


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