Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Moon may be a World. by the ſame reaſon, may a brighter Vapour
be the cauſe of theſe appearances.

But how probable ſoever this Opinion may
ſeem, yet if well conſider’d, you ſhall find it
altogether abſurd and impoſſible: for,

1. Theſe Stars were never ſeen there before,
and ’tis not likely, that a Vapour being hard
by us, can ſo multiply that Light, which could
not before be at all diſcern’d.

2. This ſuppos’d Vapour cannot be either
contracted into a narrow compaſs, or dilated
into a broad. 1. It could not be within a little
ſpace, for then that Star would not appear
with the ſame multiplyed Light to thoſe in
other Climates. 2. It cannot be a dilated Va-
pour, for then other Stars which were diſcer-
ned through the ſame Vapour, would ſeem as
big as that; this Argument is the ſame in ef-
fect, with that of the Paralax, as you may ſee
in this Figure.


Suppoſe AB to be a Hemiſphere of one
Earth, CD to be the upper part of the high-
eſt Region, in which there might be either a
contracted Vapour, as G, or elſe a dilated one;


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