Full text: Gravesande, Willem Jacob: An essay on perspective

6. The Au THOR’S

THE Reader will wonder, per-
haps, to find me entring into
a Path, which ſeems to have
been too much trodden already; and eſteem as uſeleſs a New
Eſſay, on an Art, whoſe Sub-
ject (one would think) ſhould have been
long before this Time exhauſted; ſince there
have been ſo many Perſons, who have writ-
ten on the ſame.

The Name of Perſpective now ſeems to
ſound unple aſant in the Ears of the Publick
Enemies of Repetition; and it may be look d
upon as a Piece of Inadvertency, to venture
to treat again on that ſame Subject. Yet,
notwithst anding this, I deſire the Render to
ſuſpend his Cenſure, until he h{as} heard the


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