Full text: Oswald, Hans: Soziale Beziehungen und Interaktionen unter Grundschulkindern

Anhang 4: Englische Fassung des Frageleitfadens für Kinder 
(Teil I) 
Friendship Questionaire for Children (ages 6-12) 
Notes for the Interviewer 
All of the interviews should be tape recorded. You should try 
to interview each child by him (her)self to avoid having one 
child influence another's responses. There are some exceptions 
to this procedure: exceptions include situations where one 
child explicitly ecpresses the wish to be interviewed along 
with another child, or in the case where a child is afraid of 
being interviewed alone. Under these circumstances, when you 
interview two children together, they must be friends. In ad- 
dition, you should make sure that you have a verbal response 
from each child for all of the questions, and you should be 
certain that you have both of their responses to every question 
on the tape. For example, when one child nods in agreement 
with an answer given by his or her friend, you must get more 
than just a nodding response. Sometimes it is difficult to di- 
stinguish between both children's voices when doing the tran- 
scriptions from tapes. Also, depending on the relationship 
between the two children, it is possible that some information 
may not be generated by the children in order to protect their 
own, or their friend's feelings. The interviewer should not 
pursue a particular question of the child is uncomfortable in 
answering it. 
Interviews with 1 or 2 children can take up to one class period 
(45 minutes). Many children may digress in the course of the 
interview, may speak about other topics, or may start to play 
around and engage in nonsense. Before you come back to your 
topic, you should allow the children to talk and carry on the

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