Full text: Pergaeus, Apollonius: The two books of Apollonius Pergaeus, concerning tangencies, as they have been restored by Franciscus Vieta and Marinus Ghetaldus

84. S 2 + n 2 . m - n.
85. S 2 + n 2 : m 2 - n 2 . any other.
86. S 2 + n 2 : m 2 + 2n 2 . any other.
87. s 2 + n 2 : m 2 - n 2 . any other.
88. m - n. m 2 - n 2 .

89. Ar. Sides in arithmetical progreſſion.

Simp. Alg. pr. 36. - Simp. Sel. Ex. pr. 45.

90. Ar. Sides in geom. progreffion.

Wolfiu’s Alg. pr. 114. - Simps. Sel. Ex. pr. 46. - Vieta Iſt. App. to Apoll. Gallus, pr. 7.

91. Per. Sides in geom. progreſſion.

Simps. Alg. pr. 39.

92. I biſecting an acute angle. I from right angle biſecting the foregoing given line.

Gent. Diary, qu. 266.

93. H. Part of S adjacent to the right angle intercepted by a perpendicular to H
from middle of H.

L. Diary, qu. 633.

94. One leg and a line parallel thereto intercepted by the hypothenuſe and
the other leg being given; to determine the triangle ſuch, that the rectangle un-
der the hypothenuſe and a line from the acute angle, adjacent to the given leg,
to the point of interſection of the parallel and the other leg may be of a given

L. Diary. qu. 648.

N. B. In all the Nos. from 28 to 52 incluſive, S may be changed for s, and m
for n, though this be not expreſſed as in others.

98. FINIS.


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