Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

The like Eccho upon Eccho, but onely with two reports, hath been
obſerved to be, if you ſtand between a Houſe and a Hill, and lure towards
the Hill; for the Houſe will give a Back Eccho: One taking it from the
other, and the latter the weaker.



There are certain Letters, that an Eccho will hardly expreſs: As S for
one, eſpecially being principal in a word. I remember well, that when
I went to the Eccho at Pont-Carenton, there was an old Pariſian that took it
to be the Work of Spirits, and of good Spirits. For (ſaid he) call Satan,
and the Eccho will not deliver back the Devils name: But will ſay, Vat’en,
which is as much in French, as Apage, or Avoid. And thereby I did hap to
finde, that an Eccho would not return S, being but a Hiſſing and an Interior



Eccho’s are ſome more ſudden, and chap again as ſoon as the Voice is
delivered, as hath been partly ſaid; others are more deliberate, that is, give
more ſpace between the Voice and the Eccho, which is cauſed by the Local
nearneſs or diſtance: Some will report a longer train of words, [?] and ſome
a ſhorter: Some more loud (full as loud as the Original, and ſometimes
more loud) and ſome weaker and fainter.



Where Eccho’s come from ſeveral parts, at the ſame diſtance they muſt
needs make (as it were) a Quire of Eccho’s, and ſo make the Report greater,
and even a continued Eccho; which you ſhall finde in ſome Hills that ſtand
encompaſſed, Theatre-like.



It doth not yet appear, that there is Refraction in Sounds, as well as in
Species Viſible. For I do notthink, that if a Sound ſhould paſs through di-
vers Mediums, as Air, Cloth, Wood, it would deliver the Sound in a differing
place, from that unto which it is deferred; which is the proper effect of
Refraction. But Majoration, which is alſo the Work of Refraction, appear-
eth plainly in Sounds, (as hath been handled at full) but it is not by diverſity
of Mediums.



WE have Obiter, for Demonſtrations ſake, uſed in divers Inſtances, the
Examples of the Sight, and Things Viſible, to illuſtrate the Nature of
Sounds. But we think good now to proſecute that Compariſon more


in Conſort,
touching the
Conſent and
Diſſent be-
tween Viſibles
and Audibles.

23. Conſent of Viſibles and Audibles.

BOth of them ſpred themſelves in Round, and fill a whole Flore or Orb
unto certain Limits; and are carried a great way, and do languiſh and
leſſen by degrees, according to the Diſtance of the Objects from the



Both of them have the whole Species in every ſmall portion of the
Air or Medium, ſo as the Species do paſs through ſmall Cranies, without
confuſion: As we ſee ordinarily in Levels, as to the Eye; and in Cranies,
or Chinks, as to the Sound.



Both of them are of a ſudden and eaſi e Generation and Delation, and
likewiſe periſh ſwiftly and ſuddenly; as if y ou remove the Light, or touch
the Bodies that give the Sound.



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