Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum


37. His Lordſhips uſual Receipt for the Gout (to which, the
Sixtieth Experiment hath reference) wasthis.

Tobe taken in this order.
1. The Poultice.

℞. Of Manchet, about three Ounces, the Crum onely, thin cut; let it be boiled
# in Milk till it grow to a Pulp; add in the end, a Dram and a half of the Powder
# of Red Roſes.

Of Saffron ten Grains.

Of Oyl of Roſes an Ounce.

Let it be ſpred upon a Linnen Cloth, and applied luke-warm, and continued
# for three hours ſpace.

38. 2. The Bath or Fomentation.

℞. Of Sage-Leaves, half an handful.

Of the Root of Hemlock ſliced, ſix Drams.

Of Briony Roots, half an Ounce.

Of the Leaves of Red Roſes, two Pugils.

Let them be boiled in a Pottle of Water wherein Steel hath been quenched,
# till the Liquor come to a Quart; after the ſtraining, put in half an handful
# of Bay-Salt.

Let it be uſed with Scarlet-Cloth, or Scarlet-Wool, dipped in the Liquor
# hot, and ſo renewed ſeven times; all in the ſpace of a quarter of an hour
# or little more.

39. 3. The Plaiſter.

℞. Emplaſtrum Diacalcitbeos, as much as is ſufficient for the part you mean to
# cover; let it be diſſolved with Oyl of Roſes in ſuch a conſiſtence as will
# ſtick, and ſpred upon a piece of Holland, and applied.


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