Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

Century X. working at diſtance, to work by the continuance of a ſit Medium; as Sound
will be conveyed to the Ear by ſtriking upon a Bow-ſtring, iſ the Horn of the
Bow be held to the Ear.



The Writers of Natural Magick do attribute much to the Virtues that
come from the parts of Living Creatures, ſo as they be taken from them, the
Creatures remaining ſtill alive; as if the Creature ſtill living did infuſe ſome
immateriate Virtue and Vigor into the part ſevered. So much may be true,
that any part taken from a Living Creature newly ſlain, may be of greater
force, then if it were taken from the like Creature dying of it ſelf; becauſe
it is fuller of Spirit.



Tryal would be made of the like parts of Individuals in Plants and
Living Creatures; as to cut off a Stock of a Tree, and to lay that which you
cut off to putrefie, to ſee whether it will decay the reſt oſ the Stock; or if
you ſhould cut off part of the Tail, or Leg of a Dog, or a Cat, and lay it to
putrefie, to ſee whether it wili feſter, or keep from healing, the part which



It is received, that it helpeth to continue love, if one wear a Ring or
a Bracelet of the Hair of the party beloved. But that may be by the exciting
of the Imagination; and perhaps a Glove, or other like Favor, may as well
do it.



The Sympathy of Individuals that have been entire, or have touched,
is of all others, the moſt incredible; yet according unto our faithful manner
of Examination of Nature, we will make ſome little mention of it. The taking
away of Warts, by rubbing them with ſomewhat that after wards is put to
waſte and conſume, is a common Experiment; and I do apprehend it the
rather, becauſe of mine own experience. I had ſrom my Childhood a Wart
upon one of my Fingers; afterwards, when I was about ſixteen years old,
being then at Paris, there grew upon both my hands anumber of Warts (at
leaſt an hundred) in a moneths ſpace. The Engliſh Ambaſſadors Lady, who
was a Woman far from Superſtition, told me one day ſhe would help me a-
way with my Warts. Whereupon ſhe got a piece of Lard with the skin on,
and rubbed the Warts all over with the fat ſide, and amongſt the reſt that
Wart which I had from my Childhood; then ſhe nailed the piece of Lard,
with the fat to wards the Sun, upon a poſt of her Chamber window, which
was to the South. The ſucceſs was, that within five weeks ſpace all the Warts
went quite away, and that Wart which I had ſolong endured, for company. But at the reſt I did little marvel, becauſe they came in a ſhort time, and might
go away in a ſhort time again; but the going of that which had ſtaid ſo long
doth yet ſtick with me. They ſay the like is done by rubbing of Warts with
a green Elder-ſtick, and then burying the ſtick to rot in muck. It would be
tried with Corns and Wens, and ſuch other Excreſcences: I would have it
alſo tried with ſome parts of Living Creatures that are neareſt the nature of
Excreſcences; as the Combs of Cocks, the Spurs of Cocks, the Horns of
Beaſts, & c. and I would have it tried both ways; both by rubbing thoſe parts
with Lard or Elder as before; and by cutting off ſome piece of thoſe parts,
and laying it to conſume, to ſee whether it will work any effect towards the
Conſumption of that part which was once joyned with it.



It is conſtantly received and avouched, that the anointing of the Wea-
pon that maketh the Wound, will heal the Wound it ſelf. In this Experiment,
upon the relation of men of credit, (though my ſelf, as yet, am not ſully
inclined to believe it) you ſhall note the Points following. Firſt, the Oynt-
ment wherewith this is done, is made of divers Ingredients; where of the


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