Full text: Bacon, Francis: Sylva sylvarum

Century VIII. The cauſeis, for that the Compreſſion of the Parts ſuffereth not the Spirits
to have free acceſs; and therefore, when we come out of it, we feel a ſting
ing or pricking, which is the re entrance of the Spirits.



IT hath been noted, That thoſe Years are peſtilential and unwholſome,
when there are great numbers of Frogs, Flies, Locuſts, & c. The cauſe is
plain; for that thoſe Creatures being ingendred of Putrefaction, when they
abound, ſhew a general diſpoſition of the Year, and conſtitution of the Air
to Diſeaſes of Putrefaction. And the ſame Prognoſtick (as hath been ſaid
before) holdeth, if you finde Worms in Oak Apples. For the Conſtitution
of the Air appeareth more ſubtilly in any of theſe things, then to the ſenſe of



IT is an obſervation amongſt Country people, that Years of ſtore of Haws
and Heps, do commonly portend cold Winters; and they aſcribe it to
Gods Providence, that (as the Soripture ſaith) reacheth even to the falling of a
Sparrow; and much more is like to reach to the Preſervation of Birds in ſuch
Seaſons. The Natural cauſe alſo may be the want of Heat, and abundance of
Moiſture in the Summer precedent, which putteth forth thoſe Fruits, and
muſt needs leave great quantity of cold Vapors not diſſipate, which cauſeth
the cold of the Winter following.


touching the
Pro [?] gnoſticks of
Hard Winters.

THey have in Turkey a Drink ealled Coffee, made of a Berry of the ſame
name, as black as Soot, and of a ſtrong ſent, but not aromatical, which
they take, beaten into powder, in Water as hot as they can drink it: And
they take it, and ſit at it in their Coffee-Houſes, which are like our Taverns. This Drink comforteth the Brain and Heart, and helpeth Digeſtion. Cer-
tainly this Berry Coffee, the Root and Leaf Betel, the Leaf Tobacco, and the
Teare of Poppy, (Opium) of which, the Turks are great takers (ſuppoſing it
expelleth all fear; do all condence the Spirits, and make them ſtrong and
aleger. But it ſeemeth they are taken after ſeveral manners; for Coffee and
Opium are taken down, Tobacco but in Smoak, and Betel is but champed in
the Mouth with a little Lime. It is like, there are more of them, if they were
well found out, and well corrected. Quære, of Henbane-ſeed, of Mandrake,
of Saffron, Root and Flower, of Folium Indum, of Ambergreece, of the Aſ-
ſyrian Amomum, if it may be had; and of the Scarlet Powder which they
call Kermez; and (generally) of all ſuch things as do inebriate and provoke
ſleep. Note, that Tobacco is not taken in Root or Seed, which are more forci-
ble ever then Leaves.


Medicines that
Condence and
Relieve the

THe Turks have a black Powder made of a Mineral called Alcohole, which
with a fine long Pencil they lay under their Eye-lids, which doth colour
them black, whereby the White of the Eye is ſet off more white. With
the ſame Powder they colour alſo the Hairs of their Eye-lids, and of their
Eye-brows, which they draw into embowed Arches. You ſhall finde that
Xenophon maketh mention, that the Medes uſed to paint their Eyes. The
Turks uſe with the ſame Tincture to colour the Hair of their Heads and Beards
black: And divers with us that are grown Gray, and yet would appear young,
finde means to make their Hair black, by combing it (as they ſay) with a
Leaden Comb, or the like. As for the Chineſes, who are of an ill Complexion,
(being Olivaſter) they paint their Cheeks Scarlet, eſpecially their King and
Grandees. Generally, Barbarous People that go naked, do not onely paint


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