Volltext: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Moon may be a World. cording to this Opinion, the ſpots would not
always be the ſame, but divers, as the vari-
ous diſtance of the Sun requires. Again, if
the Sun Beams did paſs through Her, why
then hath ſhe not a Tail (ſaith Scaliger) as the
Comets? why doth ſhe appear in ſuch an ex-
act Round? and not rather Attended with a
long Flame, ſince it is meerly this Penetration
of the Sun Beams, that is uſually Attributed
to be the Cauſe of Beards in Blaſing Stars.


Exer cit. 80.
ſect. 18.

3. It is Opacous, not Tranſparent or Dia-
phanous, like Chryſtal or Glaſs, as Empedo-
cles thought, who held the Moon to be a
Globe of pure Congeal'd Air, like Hail inclo-
ſed in a Sphere of Fire; for then,


Plut. de fæ-
cie Lunæ.

1. Why does ſhe not always appear in the
Full? ſince the Light is Diſperſed through all
her Body.

2. How can the Interpoſition of her
Body ſo Darken the Sun, or cauſe ſuch great
Eclipſes as have turned Day into Night, that
have diſcover'd the Stars, and Frighted the
Birds with ſuch a ſudden Darkneſs, that they
fell down upon the Earth, as is related in di-
vers Hiſtories. And thereſore Herodotus tel-
ling of anEclipſe which fell in Xerxes's time, de-
ſcribesitthus, ὸ ἥλι {ος} ἐκλιπῶ, τὴυ {ἐ [?] κ}τ{οῦ} {οὐ}ραν{οῦ} ὲδρην
ἀφανὴς {ἦν}. The Sun leaving its wonted Seat in
the Heavens, Vaniſhed away ; all which argues
ſuch a great Darkneſs, as could not have been,
if her Body had been Perſpicuous. Yetſome
there are who Interpret all theſe Relations to
be Hyberbolical Expreſſions; and the Noble
Tycho thinks it naturally impoſſible that any
Eclipſe ſhould cauſe ſuch Darkneſs; becauſe



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