Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

Arg. 2. The Air which is next the Earth,
would be purer, as being rarified with Mo-

Arg. 3. If the Earth did move the Air, it
would cauſe ſome ſound; but this is no more
audible, than Pythagoras his Harmony of the

Arg. 4. ’Twould have been in vain for
Nature to have endowed the Heavens with
all conditions requiſite for motion, if they
had been to ſtand ſtill: As, firſt, they have
a round Figure. Secondly, They have nei-
ther gravity nor levity. Thirdly, They
are incorruptible. Fourthly, They have
no contrary.

Arg. 5. All ſimilary parts are of the ſame
nature with the whole: But each part of
the Earth does reſt in its place; therefore
alfo doth the whole.

Arg. 6. The Sun in the World, is as the
Heart in a Man's Body: But the Motion of
the Heart ceaſing, none of the Members do
ſtir; therefore alſo if the Sun ſhould ſtand
ſtill, the other parts of the World would be
without motion.

Arg. 7. The Sun and Heavens, do work
upon theſe inferior Bodies by their Light
and Motion. So the Moon does operate up-
on the Sea.

Arg. 8. The Earth is the Foundation of
Buildings; and therefore muſt be firm and

Arg. 9. ’Tis the conſtant opinion of Di-
vines, that the Heavens ſhall reſt after the


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