Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Earth may be a Planet. for the Earth; which by reaſon of its hea-
vineſs, is naturally unfit for motion.

I anſwer : This Argument likewiſe is
grounded upon theſe two ſalſe Foundations: As,

1. That the whole Frame oſ Nature does
move round, excepting only the Earth.

2. That the whole Earth, conſidered as
whole, and in its proper place, is heavy, or
more unſit for a natural motion than any of
the other Planets.

Which are ſo far from being ſuch general
Grounds, from which Controverſies ſhould
be diſcuſſed, That they are the very thing
in queſtion betwixt us and our Adverſa-

Arg. 3. From the nature of all heavy
Bodies, which are to fall towards the loweſt
place. From whence they conclude, that our
Earth muſt be in the Centre.

I anſwer: This may prove it to be a Cen-
tre of Gravity, but not of Diſtance; or
that it is in the midſt of the World. Yea,
(but fays our Adverſaries) Ariſtotle for this
urges a Demonſtration, which muſt needs
be infallible. Thus, the motion of light
Bodies, does apparently ténd upward to-
wards the Circumference of the World : but now the motion of heavy Bodies, is di-
rectly contrary to the aſcent of the other ; whereſore it will neceſſarily follow, that theſe
do all of them tend unto the Centre of the


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