Volltext: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

63. PROP. VI.
That there is not any Argument from the
Words of Scripture, Principles of Na-
ture, or Obſervations in Aſtronomy,
which can ſuſſiciently evidence the
Earth to be in the Gentre of the Uni-

Our Adverſaries do much inſult in the
ſtrength oſ thoſe Arguments which
they conceive, do unanſwerably conclude,
the Earth to be in the Centre oſ the World. Whereas, if they were but impartially con-
ſidered, they would be found altogether in-
ſufficient for any ſuch concluſion, as ſhall
be clearly manifeſted in this following

The Arguments which they urge in the
proof of this, are of three ſorts; Either
ſuch as are taken,

1. From expreſſions of Scripture.

2. From Principles of Natural Philoſo-

3. From common appearances in Aſtro-

Thoſe of the firſt kind, are chiefly two: The firſt is grounded on that common Scrip-
ture-phraſe, which ſpeaks of the Sun as be-
ing above us. So Solomon often mentioning



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