Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Earth may be a Planet. vaniſh. To this purpoſe, ſome urge that
ſpeech of our Saviour, where he bids Simon
to launch forth into the deep; the Latin
word is, in altum; from whence they ga-
ther, that the Sea is higher than the Land. But this ſavours ſo much of Monkiſh Igno-
rance, that it deſerves rather to be laughed
at, than to be anſwered.


Luk. 5. 24.
’Eις τὰ βα-

But now if we conſider the true Proper-
ties of this Element, according to the Rules
of Philoſophy; we ſhall find, that its not
overflowing the Land, is ſo far from being
a Miracle, that it is a neceſſary conſequence
of its Nature; and ’twould rather be a Mi-
racle, if it ſhould be otherwiſe, as it was
in the general Deluge. The reaſon is, be-
cauſe the Water of it ſelf muſt neceſſarily
deſcend to the loweſt place; which it can-
not do, unleſs it be collected in a ſphærical
Form, as you may plainly diſcern in this


Where the Sea at D may ſeem to be higher
than a Mountain at B, or C, becauſe the


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