Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Earth may be a Planet. ſo ſar only be verified, as they are referred
to ſeveral Climats: and though unto us who
live on this ſide of the Line, the North
Wind being coldeſt and drieſt; and on the
the contrary, the South Wind moiſt and
Warm, by reaſon that in one of theſe pla-
ces, there is a ſtronger heat of the Sun to
exhale moiſt Vapours, than in the other: yet it is clean otherwiſe with the Inhabitants
beyond the other Tropick; for there the
North Wind is the hotteſt, and moiſt; and
the South the coldeſt and dry: So that with
them, theſe Scriptures cannot properly be
affirmed, that Cold, or that fair Weather com-
eth out of the North; but rather on the con-
trary. All which notwithſtanding, does not
in the leaſt manner derogate from the truth
of theſe Specches, or the omniſcience of the
Speaker; but do rather ſhew the Wiſdom
and Goodneſs of the bleſſed Spirit, in vouch-
ſafing thus to conform his Language unto the
capacity of thoſe People unto whom theſe
Speeches were firſt directed. In the ſame
ſenſe are we to underſtand all thoſe places
where the Lights of Heaven are ſaid to be
darkned, and the Conſtellations not to give their
Light, Iſa. 13. 10. Not as if they were ab-
ſolutely in themſelves deprived of their
Light, and did not ſhine at all; but becauſe
of their appearance to us: and therefore,
in another place anſwerable to theſe, God
ſays, he will cover the Heavens, and ſo make
the Stars thereof dark, Ezek. 37. 2. Which
argues, that they themſelves were not de-


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