Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

That the Moon may be a World. emiſſarii & exploratores emmitterentur brevi ad
ſolem redituri: The Shop or Forge of Comets
from whence they were ſent, like ſo many Spies,
that they might in ſome ſhort ſpace return
again. But this cannot be, ſince if ſo much
matter had proceeded from him alone, it would
have made a ſenſible Diminution in his Body. The Noble Tycho therefore thinks, that they
conſiſt of ſome ſuch Fluider parts of the Hea-
ven, as the Milky way is framed of, which be-
@ing condenſt together, yet not attaining to the
conſiſtency of a Star, is in ſome ſpace of time
arify’d again into its wontedNature. But this is
not likely; becauſe the appearance of the
Milky way does not ariſe from ſome Fluider
parts of the Heaven (as he ſuppoſes) but from
the Light of many leſſer Stars which are there-
abouts And therefore it is uſually thus deſcri-
@ed. Via lactea nihil aliudeſt quam innumerabiles
@ellarum fixarum greges qui confuſo & pallenti
@umine tractum illum inalbant. The Milky way is
nothing elſe but the Pale and Confuſed Light
of many leſſer Stars, whereby ſome parts of the
Heaven are made to appear white.


Tycho Pro-
gym. l. 1.
c. 9.
l. 2. c. 5.
art. 2.
Item Veſtæ
tract. 5. c.2.

And beſide, what likely cauſe can we con-
@eive of this Condenſation, unleſs there be ſuch
@ualities there, as there are in our Air, and then,
why may not the Planets have the like quali-
@ies as our Earth ? and if ſo, then ’tis more pro-
able, that they are made by the Ordinary
way of Nature, as they are with us, and conſiſt
of ſuch Exhalations from the Bodies of the
@lanets, as being very much rarified, may be
@rawn up, through the Orb of groſs Vaporous
Air, that incompaſſes them. Nor is this a ſingu-


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