Full text: Wilkins, John: A discovery of a new world

7. The Propoſitions that are proved in
this Diſcourſe.


T Hat the ſtrangeneſs of this Opinion is no Suffi-
cient Reaſon why it ſhould be Rejected, be-
cauſe other certain Truths have been formerly eſtee-
med ridiculous, and great Abſurdities entertai-
ned by common conſent. By way of Preface.

8. PROP. II.

That a Plurality of Worlds does not contradict
any Principle of Reaſon or Faith.


That the Heavens do not conſiſt of any ſuch
pure matter which can priviledge them from the
like change and Gorruption, as theſe inferiour Bo-
dies are liable unto.

10. PROP. IV.

That the Moon is a Solid, Gompacted, Opacious

11. PROP. V.

That the Moon hath not any Light of her own.

12. PROP. VI.

That there is a World in the Moon, bath been
the direct Opinion of many Ancients, with ſome
Modern Mathematicians, and may probably be
deduced ſrom the Tenents of others.


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